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Diagnostics World interview: New Slides For Fluorescent Diagnostics

CEO Mario Blanco recently spoke with Allison Proffitt, Editor in Chief of Diagnostics World. Following the interview, Allison penned an excellent editorial piece - New Slides For Fluorescent Diagnostics - in which she writes "when it comes to improving health care and care delivery, there are occasional big advances—great leaps forward in technology and our understanding of disease biology—and then there are the incremental advances that nonetheless change how we deliver care. Mario Blanco believes he has one of those advances: a small change that just might change everything.

"Last month NANOPEC Technologies announced MetaFluorex, a new class of proprietary nano-structured ceramic films, that the company says have shown to enhance fluorescent signals by factors as large as 100 times, depending on the assay, when compared to the glass slides currently used for in vitro diagnostic testing. Specifically designed for the manufacturing of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) kits, MetaFluorex offers significantly enhanced performance, cost of ownership, and safety benefits."

"The nano-structure and atomic composition of the MetaFluorex films gives the product the optical enhancement that the company believes can lead to earlier detection by reporting lower biomarker concentrations," continues Proffitt. "MetaFluorex requires fewer antibodies and biomarkers to achieve superior signal to noise ratios than comparable diagnostics on modified glass substrates.

"Blanco believes the film could be a boon for companies doing high throughput drug screening. By boosting the fluorescence signal, he says, companies will be able to identify a larger number of drug candidates. In any case, Blanco is hopeful about the outcomes that the ceramic films will enable. “We are very passionate about being able to develop technologies that can reduce healthcare costs, but also optimize the outcomes for patients,” he says. “NANOPEC technologies can do that.”

Read the full article here.

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