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Pack of 50 MetaFluorex™ 10-well microscope slide contains fluorescence enhancement nano-porous ceramic discs with size conforming to standard 96 well plates. An additional well containing high grade glass substrate is included for reference. These are ideal for increasing signal to noise ratios, fluorescence signals from low yielding samples, low biomarker or antigen concentration tests, singly tagged antibodies with high specificity and/or self-fluorescent molecular species. High surface area with 60 nm nano-structured pore diameters and local hexagonal packing (honeycomb). Disk thickness is 50 microns, 10 microliter volume. Edges are sealed and free of micro-cracks. Non-cytotoxic high purity (99.999%) alumina. No chrome or mercury used in its manufacture.

Pack of 50 MetaFluorex™ 10 well Microscopy Slide

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