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Strategic Values

Full integration of Nanopec's patent protected technologies with your product offerings or portfolio can provide strategic values such as transformative technologies, efficient in-house DNA/RNA synthesis, precision purification and diagnostic platforms for life science R&D and diagnostics.

  • DNAReax™ for high-throughput DNA synthesis at high loads compatible with pre-clinical trials (without the need for plasmid fermentation amplification) and high coupling efficiencies can provide up to one hundred in-house variants of oligos and genes overnight significantly increasing pipelines, speeding up discovery, lowering costs and eliminating the risk of loosing control of precious DNA/RNA sequence when outsourcing synthesis to CDMOs.

  • Personalized Medicine at the Single-Cell Level: By combining MetaFluorex™ with BioZeram™ microfluidic chips researchers can analyze thousands of individual cells with enhanced fluorescence detail. This paves the way for truly personalized medicine based on a comprehensive understanding of each patient's unique cellular landscape.

  • Bringing Diagnostics to the Point of Care: portable microfluidic devices powered by MetaPurex™ and MetaFluorex™, enabling rapid and accurate diagnoses at the point of care with fewer false negatives. This can improve early disease detection, treatment monitoring, and access to healthcare in resource-limited settings.

  • Unveiling Functional Changes: Study not just the presence of biomarkers, but their activity and dynamics within individual cells. MetaFluorex's enhanced brightness enables the detection of subtle functional changes, providing a deeper understanding of cellular processes and disease progression.

  • NO Expensive Nano-fabs
    NO Heavy Metals
    NO Bacterial Fermentation
    NO Filtration of cell components

  • Why are pharmaceuticals so expensive?

  • DNA Automation with DNAReax video

  • Beyond Covid-19 vaccines

  • How to avoid over 50% of FDA recalls

  • DNA Hardrives: The Future of Data Storage

What Our Clients Say

"The most significant technology for
DNA synthesis in over a decade"
Major European Vaccine Manufacturer Founder

“We want to get rid of our CDMO”  
Global Vaccine Development Company

“The capability to produce multiple variants in-house overnight would overthrow our strategic decision not to produce our own RNA”
VP Business Development, sgRNA high throughput manufacturer

We will set up an internal division for DNA synthesis and want to do it on the right platform”
R&D Director, Major Pharmaceutical

“We cannot be dependent on foreign production, so we are investing heavily in local RNA production.”
Government Healthcare Fund

Our Milestones 2020-2023

  1. Unprecedented DNA Yield: Our DNAReax™ synthesis nano-structured ceramic chips achieved a remarkable 460 fold increase in DNA yields compared to traditional silicon chips, as confirmed by the largest DNA gene bank in the world. Signed LOI for a production order, scaling to $5M annually within a year.

  2. MetaFluorex™ fluorescence enhancement surpasses 1,000%

  3. Industry Validation: Recognition as "the most significant technology for DNA synthesis in over a decade", "Transfomational Technology" MedTech Innovator BioTools.

  4. Corporate Interest: Major BioVenture Hub supports our future. While one group seeks immediate purchase of our synthesizer prototype another expressed interest in adopting our automation technology, reversible grafting, for small molecule DNA encoded libraries (one billion compounds and beyond)

  5. Cost Competitiveness: Reduced costs compared to ALL enzymatic DNA synthesis startups with 10 fold greater automation through our patented designed inkjet printing technology. 

  6. DNAReax™ ceramic production cost reached half the cost of undoped polished silicon wafers.   MetaFluorex™ reaches 2,000% fluorescent diagnostics enhancement.

  7. Expanding Market Reach: Distribution secured in Japan. 

  8. Strong Intellectual Property Protection: Granted patents in the US, China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.  Four pending patents under review (US, PCT) and one provisional application on a unique, aqueous based, reversible DNA/RNA grafting technology on any solid substrates including DNAReax™, silicon and controlled pore glass (CPG)

  9. First proof of concept projects for two DNA digital information storage companies


Nanopec Patents

  1. US11230786B2: Modular manufacture of DNAReax nano-porous ceramics free of toxic metals for biochemical application including DNA chemical and enzymatic synthesis, in vitro diagnostics, DNA/RNA purification and amplification.

  2. US20210262939A1: Nano-porous ceramics enhancement of fluorescence (2,000%) to eliminate FALSE NEGATIVES from in vitro fluorescence based diagnostics.

  3. US20210324458A1: Nano-porous ceramics to monitor PCR diagnostics with higher efficiency

  4. US20230236183A1: Nano-porous ceramics for high throughput genetic screening bio-arrays

  5. US20220355265A1: Nano-porous ceramics chips for high throughput solid state oligonucleotide synthesis

  6. PCT/US23/25111 An industrial ink-jet printer design to dispense DNA reagents at high speed (> 50 kHz) in small volumes (20 pico-liters) over DNAReax™. 

  7. US Provisional Application No. 63/598,731 A method to modify the internal surface of DNAReax™ to graft DNA and RNA reversibly for high throughput enzymatic production of DNA and  RNA, to create DNA encoded libraries of small drug candidates, up to one billion, with efficient split/pool and automation by robotic liquid handlers at the nano-molar scale.


We are looking for expressions of interest, comments, questions from you.  We are offering our patents, trade secrets, know-how, long-term consulting to a single visionary company that can experience a strong commercial gain with the full value of our technology portfolio.  Let's hear from you and your interests.  Send us your Confidential Disclosure Agreement or download our CDA here.

Q1, 2024 Closing sought.

Mario Blanco, PhD

Founder & CEO

+1 520 4029200

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