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 DNA & RNA automation platforms: realizing the full potential of
Synthetic Biology, to protect, heal, and rejuvenate the human body

INDUSTRY Leading SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY platform for large scale automation of synthetic DNA and mRNA to protect, heal, and rejuvenate the human body


achieves early disease diagnoses by detecting lower amounts of bio-marker concentrations reducing false negatives through FRET enhancement

for biofluid nano-purification and fabrication of synthetic neosomes (<100 nm) for drug delivery,

achieves up to 30% faster cell differentiation and proliferation compared to  Petri dishes


Outstanding Technical Support


Quality Products


Unprecedented Value




To accelerate precision medicine and biotechnology discoveries through its patented and customizable nanotechnology platforms, with a strong focus on automation of Systems Biology, DNA and mRNA manufacturing technologies.  These include:

DNAReax: ceramic chips

Ceramic chips for synthetic mRNA and DNA synthesis automation with unsurpassed yields and coupling efficiencies.  Over 10 formats to choose, from micron size chips to 96 well plate cover sizes, from through pore ceramic membranes to laminated composites with high mechanical and optical properties. DM, Barcode and QR code options to direct synthesis flows.  We match your platform without hardware changes.



FRET Enhanced substrates for in vitro fluorescence Diagnostics (up to 2,000% fluorescence enhancement) to replace glass substrates. Antibody attachment ready.



Ceramics for accelerated tissue engineering and cell therapies (30% faster than Petri dish cultures) allowing 3D-oxygenation with natural cell anchoring for normal cell morphology development.



Ceramic nano-filtration for biofluid separation intended for molecular diagnostics and preparation of durg deliver neosomes below immune reactive (pores <100 nm).

Physical and Chemical Properties

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