NANOPEC's Nano-structured Ceramic Film

• Excellent transparency with 100x fluorescence enhancement

• Micro-crack free edges

• Exceptional Thermal Properties

• Stable up to 1,100 degrees Celsius Annealing

• Bio-compatible

• Chrome and Mercury Free Production

Pharmaceutical Nano-filtration

A new gold standard for

Laboratory Developed Tests

NANOPEC is advancing the LDT market through:  

  • Improving LDT  performance with advanced materials that significantly reduce erroneous readings through higher fluorescence signal to noise ratios.

  • Optimizing  new IVD investments providing the intelligence to underpin informed decision-making.

  • Improving patient outcomes by enabling earlier diagnosis and treatment decisions based on the ability to identify significantly lower bio-marker concentrations.

Nano-structured Performance Enhanced Ceramics

NANOPEC proprietary nano-structured ceramic films and membranes provide a platform for the safer and more efficient development of next-gen healthcare products. Unlike complex, low-yielding traditional nano-fabrication products, our modular manufacturing is scalable and free from cytotoxic chemicals.


MetaFluorex and MetaPurex are biocompatible nano-structured ceramic films explicitly formulated for enhanced fluorescence and filtration sterilization.  The only commercial nano-porous ceramic films produced without the use of cytotoxic chemicals.  With an unsurpassed transparency, MetaFluorex is ideal for fluorescence bio-assays, yielding 25 to 100 times higher signal to noise ratios than traditional glass slides or well micro-plates. As filtration and culture media MetaPurex offers the same advantages of 3D cell-growth media, high oxygenation and access to nutrients, without the cell harm caused by high stirring shear forces in solution. MetaPurex eliminates harmful contamination that leads to FDA product recalls. Unlike commercial membrane filters, MetaPurex ceramic filters have highly ordered nanometer-size pores free of defects capable of filtering out all bacteria, including mycoplasma, and common viruses.

Custom Cut Nano-structured Ceramics


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