DNAReax is a novel substrate for precision oligonucleotide synthesis

NANOPEC offers advanced nano-structured ceramic films for precision medicine and synthetic biology.  The films offer an alternative to micro-patterned silicon chips and traditional controlled pore glass (CPG) for oligonucleotide synthesis.  DNAReax has the following advantages

  • Improving oligonucleotide quality by eliminating trapped 'shortmer' sequences that are common in CPG.

  • Offers the quality of nano-patterned silicon chips with over 50 times the yields.

  • DNAReax offers the chemical, thermal and cycling stability  of advanced ceramic films.

  • Available in custom formats to meet your needs. Chip sizes from a few hundred microns, 2mmx2mm chips, up to 10 cm diameter discs to fill columns or fit into 96 and 384 well formats.  Make DNAReax your substrate of choice.  Order a sample now.

Nano-structured Performance Enhanced Ceramics

NANOPEC proprietary nano-structured ceramic films and membranes provide a platform for the development of next-gen healthcare technologies. Unlike complex, low-yielding traditional nano-fabrication products, our modular nano-structured ceramics manufacturing is scalable and free from cytotoxic chemicals.


DNAReax, MetaFluorex, BioZeram and MetaPurex are bio-compatible nano-structured ceramic films explicitly formulated to improve oligonucleotide synthesis, fluorescence diagnostics, cell growth and ultra-filtration.  These unique nano-porous ceramic films are produced without the use of heavy metals (mercury and chrome) and toxic chemicals (perchlorates).

DNAReax provides an easily activated, chemically stable, easy to cleave substrate for oligonucleotide synthesis. Like silicon chips, DNAReax chips are designed for high precision DNA and RNA synthesis. Unlike silicon, DNAReax provides high yields (over 50 times higher than silicon substrates).  Unlike CPG, DNAReax has a uniform pore size distribution, eliminates 'shortmers' which waste reagents and compromise quality. Available in custom formats including 2mmx2mm chips, and discs from 1 millimeter to 10 centimeters in diameter.

MetaFluorex is ideal for fluorescent bio-assays, providing optical transparency with signal amplification, yielding 2.5 to 10 times higher signal to noise ratios than traditional glass slides or well micro-plates, with little or no change to protocols.


BioZeram offers a unique cell-growth substrate with high oxygenation and access to nutrients in 3 dimensions. Eliminating shear stresses required by growth in solution, BioZeram allows cells to adopt a natural morphology which improves proliferation rates by as much as 30% (vs. coated tissue culture plates). BioZeram also eliminates harmful contamination that can lead to FDA product recalls.


MetaPurex ceramic filters have highly ordered nanometer-scale pores, free of defects. The nanofilms are capable of filtering out all bacteria, including mycoplasma, and most common viral contaminants. Flexible size and shape, coupled with higher tensile strength and pore sizes down to 50nm, MetaPurex filters provide the next generation of biofiltration.  

Custom Cut Nano-structured Ceramics


NANOPEC's Nano-structured Ceramic Film

• Excellent transparency with 100x fluorescence enhancement

• Micro-crack free edges

• Exceptional Thermal Properties

• Stable up to 1,100 degrees Celsius Annealing

• Bio-compatible

• Chrome and Mercury Free Production

MetaFluorex for Enhanced Fluorescence Diagnostics