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MetaFluorex™ is a highly ordered (hexagonal closed-pack), optically transparent, straight pore, ceramic thin membrane produced using NANOPEC proprietary biocompatible process.


Non Cytotoxic


In addition to achieving a high level of order, NANOPEC production does not use cytotoxic chemicals commonly present in the production of ordered AAO membranes. Chromium and Mercury-free guarantee biocompatibility for uses in the biopharmaceutical and health care industries, eliminating R&D artifacts, preserving cell viability.  Made with the highest purity aluminum (99.999%) under carefully controlled conditions, MetaPurex exhibits notable physical and chemical properties. Read more.

Fluorescence Enhancement

The high transparency of and the absence of Cr+6 ions makes MetaPurex compatible with fluorescence bio-assays.  These ordered high purity ceramic membranes provide over one order of magnitude fluorescence enhancement factor (>10x) which gives higher sensitivity to your existing bio-assays.  Write to us at for a white paper explaining how the process works at the atomic level.

Mechanical Stability

MetaPurex offers high flexibility in large formats.  This is due to the proprietary method to cut simple and complex shapes without the appearance of micro-cracks.  Unlike other AAO membranes, MetaPurex does not require a polypropylene o-ring for safe handling, increasing the amount of area for the required bio-processing task at hand.

Thermal Stability

MetaPurex is thermally very stable.  For applications requiring annealing we recommend 2-3 hours, 10 deg/min up to 400 Celsius.  Use appropriate weight supports to avoid non-uniform annealing during internal thermal stress release.

Porosity:  51%

Density: 1.89 g/cc

Standard Pore size:  60 nm +/- 5 nm

Interpore Distance:  100 nm +/- 5 nm

Film Thickness:  50 microns, 100 microns +/- 5 microns

Refractive Index: 1.2-1.3 at 500 nm wavelength

Impurities in Aluminum:  < 14 ppm by GDMS

Electrical Resistance


The electrical resistance of MetaPurex pore walls 10^14 Ω.   This is 10,000 higher electrical resistance than silica glass.  This is a ceramic material with high insulation properties.  Ideal for manufacturing and insulating nano-wires


Chemical Resistance

MetaPurex shares the high chemical resistance characteristics of ceramics.  It can withstand high acids, including to pH= -1.1 for several hours.  It is not stable at high basic pH (>7.5) for long periods of time.  It is quite stable under most organic solvents with very few exceptions.

Pore Structure

Pores are formed in a hexagonal array of oxide cells. The pores structure extends all the way through the ceramic membrane, 50-100 microns, an aspect ratio > 10,000.  Films are closed pores at one end, membranes are through open pores.

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