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MetaFluorex™ is a highly ordered (hexagonal closed-pack), optically transparent, straight pore, ceramic thin membrane produced using NANOPEC proprietary biocompatible process.


Non Cytotoxic


In addition to achieving a high level of order, NANOPEC production does not use cytotoxic chemicals commonly present in the production of ordered AAO membranes. Chromium and Mercury-free guarantee biocompatibility for uses in the biopharmaceutical and health care industries, eliminating R&D artifacts, preserving cell viability.  Made with the highest purity aluminum (99.999%) under carefully controlled conditions, MetaPurex exhibits notable physical and chemical properties. Read more.

Fluorescence Enhancement

The high transparency of and the absence of Cr+6 ions makes MetaPurex compatible with fluorescence bio-assays.  These ordered high purity ceramic membranes provide over one order of magnitude fluorescence enhancement factor (>10x) which gives higher sensitivity to your existing bio-assays. 

Mechanical Stability

MetaPurex offers high flexibility in large formats.  This is due to the proprietary method to cut simple and complex shapes without the appearance of micro-cracks.  Unlike other AAO membranes, MetaPurex does not require a polypropylene o-ring for safe handling, increasing the amount of area for the required bio-processing task at hand.

Thermal Stability

MetaPurex is thermally very stable.  For applications requiring annealing we recommend 2-3 hours, 10 deg/min up to 400 Celsius.  Use appropriate weight supports to avoid non-uniform annealing during internal thermal stress release.

Porosity:  51%

Density: 1.89 g/cc

Standard Pore size:  60 nm +/- 5 nm

Interpore Distance:  100 nm +/- 5 nm

Film Thickness:  50 microns, 100 microns +/- 5 microns

Refractive Index: 1.2-1.3 at 500 nm wavelength

Impurities in Aluminum:  < 14 ppm by GDMS

Electrical Resistance


The electrical resistance of MetaPurex pore walls 10^14 Ω.   This is 10,000 higher electrical resistance than silica glass.  This is a ceramic material with high insulation properties.  Ideal for manufacturing and insulating nano-wires


Chemical Resistance

MetaPurex shares the high chemical resistance characteristics of ceramics.  It can withstand high acids, including to pH= -1.1 for several hours.  It is not stable at high basic pH (>7.5) for long periods of time.  It is quite stable under most organic solvents with very few exceptions.

Pore Structure

Pores are formed in a hexagonal array of oxide cells. The pores structure extends all the way through the ceramic membrane, 50-100 microns, an aspect ratio > 10,000.  Films are closed pores at one end, membranes are through open pores.