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DNA Automation

Synthetic Biology promises to deliver the knowledge, at unprecedented rates, to protect, heal, and rejuvenate the human body.  However current methods to make synthetic DNA and messenger RNA limit the creation of error free gene libraries.  Large scale automation of DNA and RNA synthesis is needed to overcome this bottleneck.   Nanopec has pioneered proprietary platforms that can deliver the full promise of Synthetic Biology by enabling the synthesis of longer DNA and mRNA sequences with unprecedented yield and quality.

DNAReax nano-porous ceramic chips deliver over 70 to 100 times the amount of high quality oligo than a comparably size silicon chip (customer data).  DNAReax is manufactured to customer’s specifications, shape and size formats, as a turn key replacement of their silicon chips without any required alterations of their existing DNA automation equipment.


DNAReax chips match the optical purity and mechanical strength of silicon chips while exceeding by more than 100 times the available surface area (inside its nano-pores) to synthesize more DNA.  Additional advantages include milder conditions for starting the synthesis process and the controlled spacing of individual DNA chains to eliminate errors caused by overcrowding on a flat silicon chip surface or on the randomly sized pores of CPG.

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MetaPurex is ideal for processing from a few micro-liters to a few milliliters of valuable biological samples.  MetaPurex is capable of eliminating all bacteria, including mycoplasma and most common viruses above 60 nm in diameter.  Soon a unique 200 nm uniform, ordered, defect free, mechanically protected for high negative pressure MetaPurex will be available for processing significantly larger volumes.  AccuPurex can bring your processing volumes from hundreds of milliliters to higher than a liter per hour.  Write to us to inquire pricing and availability.

Bio-Assays Enhanced Fluorescence

Nanopec pioneered MetaFluorex, a commercial use of nano-structured ceramics for fluorescence enhancement.  Controlling the FRET energy transfer, at the atomic level, allowed the design of doped compositions with two orders of magnitude enhanced fluorescence over traditional silica glass substrates. For more information on how MetaFluorex can reduced false negatives click here.  For enhanced fluorescence in situ hybridization by clicking here.


Cell Culture & Tissue Engineering

For cell-culture the optimized nano-pores in  MetaPurex serve as anchoring points for  cell philopodia, promoting adhesion and faster differentiation.  Up to 30% faster differentiation and growth has been observed.

If you would like additional information on any of these application areas write to us.

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