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NANOPEC develops advanced fluorescence technologies for early disease diagnostics.  Its MetaFluorex technology platform allows early diagnostics by detecting lower amounts of bio-marker concentrations than incumbent in vitro diagnostics, while reducing the amount of costly reagents, such as detection antibodies, primers and probes, by up to 80%.  MetaFluorex proven disruptive technology platform enhances fluorescence signal to noise ratios by up to 2000%, eliminating false results, increasing sensitivity and improving selectivity.


NANOPEC's mission is to empower diagnostic companies to create more accurate and affordable in vitro fluorescence diagnostics that leave no sick patients untreated during early stages of cancer, infectious or genetic disease development.


MetaFluorex is a proprietary bio-photonic, nano-structured ceramic film that enhances in vitro diagnostic signals by 300%-3000%.  This high sensitivity reduces false negatives and fewer false positives, leading to better  patient outcomes.

NANOPEC platform of products are nano-structured ceramic materials for the next generation of advanced bio-processing and healthcare products. Our mission is to offer sustainable and scalable point solutions for our client's manufacturing needs and next generation diagnostics, bio-assays, bio-sensors and healthcare products.


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