A New Gold Standard for LDT Diagnostics

Improve sensitivity - Improve performance - Improve patient outcomes

There is an unmet need in the healthcare industry for cost-effective materials and processes that can increase the sensitivity and selectivity of Laboratory Developed Tests while requiring lower amounts of costly consumables.


NANOPEC is pioneering technology for LDTs that will save lives and lower healthcare costs by enhancing bio-assay signals to eliminate false negatives from medical diagnostic tests. NANOPEC is committed to creating this new Gold Standard LDTs that will ensure an accurate Test with over 99% sensitivity to improve health outcomes through:  

  • Improving performance in the testing process by reducing erroneous readings through higher signal to noise ratios.

  • Optimizing  new IVD investments providing the intelligence to underpin informed decision-making.

  • Improving patient outcomes by enabling earlier diagnosis and treatment decisions based on the ability to identify significantly lower bio-marker concentrations.

Reduce consumable costs by 90%+

Reduce false negative and false positive diagnoses  

Boost fluorescence signals by 10x to 100x

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Our Products for LDT applications


  • Microscope slide formats (1x3 inches)

  • Discs for 96 well microplates

  • Microscope slides with 10 mounted discs plus 1 glass reference for comparisons

  • Any continuous film with maximum size of 10x10 cm (4x4 inches)

  • Optically pure glass plates of any size, up to 40cm x 40cm, with custom size pieces of thin MetaFluorex film adhere on the surface suitable for High Throughput Screening applications

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