Nano-structured Performance Enhanced Ceramics

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Chromium free Nano-porous ceramic membranes for

Filter Sterilization, Cell Culture, Cell Therapy, Bio-Assays, and

Tissue Engineering

MetaPurex is a the purest AAO nano-porous ceramic membrane available for  bio-pharmaceuticals and healthcare applications: ultra-pure (>99.999% purity), cytotoxic free ceramic membranes (no chromium or mercury used in fabrication) with  outstanding optical, mechanical, thermal and chemical properties.




MetaPurex nano-structured ceramic films are biocompatible.  MetaPurex membranes are specifically designed for cell culture, cell therapy, tissue engineering, bio-assays and filter sterilization applications. 


Unlike commercial paper and plastic membrane micro-filters (0.2 micron pores), MetaPurex ceramic filters have highly ordered nanometer size pores, free of defects, able to filter out ALL bacteria, including mycoplasma (60 nm pores), and common viruses. As a culture media MetaPurex offers the same advantages of 3D cell-growth media (high oxygenation and access to nutrients) without the cell harm caused by high stirring shear forces. 

Custom cut nano-structured ceramic films are our specialty. Cuts are free of micro-cracks and require no protective o-rings to maximize surface usage.   Full satisfaction guaranteed.

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  • Uniformly spaced, ordered pores – free of overlapping pinhole defects

  • Pores are far smaller than industry standard of 0.2 microns

  • Honeycomb ordered pattern guarantees no pore overlaps or internal defects

  • No areas/voids for bacteria to remain

  • High transparency ideal for enhanced fluorescence bio-assays

  • Can withstand harsh acids and high temperatures

  • Contain no micro-cracks, mechanically, thermally and chemically stable

  • Ideal for applications requiring annealing at high temperature

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